Dominos Menu Price

Dominos Menu Price

Domino’s Some of the Few Popular Menu Items price is given Below in Rs. Vat is not included in the current Dominos Price list.Click Here to find out Dominos Contact Number

Pizza (Veg)

Regular                 Medium                Large

1 Margherita

Single Cheese Topping

65 (R)                          140(M)                         265(L)

2 Double Cheese Margherita

95 (R)                          200 (M)                         350 (L)

3 Peppy Paneer

135 (R)                  245 (M)                         400 (L)


Pizza (Non Veg)

Regular                 Medium                Large

Cheese and Barbeque Chicken

95(R)                           200(M)                         350(L)

Spicy Chicken

175 (R)                        290(M)                         455 (L)


Single Pizzas(Combination at takeaway)

Veg Single                                           39

Veg Doubles                                       55

Non Veg Singles                                65

Non Veg Doubles                              75



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