KFC Menu Price

KFC Menu Price List

Some of the KFC Menu Items Include chicken, salads, sandwiches, snacks, sweets and sides.KFC’s specialty is fried chicken served in various forms.The Famous Chicken is Kentucky Grilled Chicken KFC has two lines of sandwiches: its “regular” chicken sandwiches and its Snackers line.Check The Menu Price List.Click Here to get the KFC Contact List

Food menu Category Price
Wow Chicken Snacker Rs 39
Potato Krisper Rs 25
Chicken Shotz Rs 25
Kold Koffee Rs 39
Krushers Lime Soda Rs 25
2 Soft Serves Rs 25
Snacks Hot Wings 5 pc Rs 99
Popcorn Large Rs 99
Boneless Strips 3 pc Rs 99
Veg Strips 6 pc Rs 65
Large Fries Rs 65
Burgers Chicken Zinger Rs 105
Veg Zinger Rs 99
Veg Rockin’ Burger Rs 105
Box Meals Veg Rock Box Rs 209
Chicken Rock Box Rs 219
Chicken Twister Meal With Pepsi & French Fries Rs 185
With Popcorn & Pepsi Rs 195
Share A Bucket 8 pc Hot & Crispy Rs 455
8 Pc Fiery Grilled Rs 455
Dips Bucket Rs 619
Group Meal Chicken Zinger Meal Rs 169
Rice Bowlz Chicken Rice Bowlz Rs 159
Veg. Rice Bowlz Rs 149
Desserts Brownie Sundae Rs 49
2 Soft Serves Rs 49
Kreamball Strawberry Rs 65
Kreamball Mango Rs 65
Krushers Virgin Mojito Rs 49
Green MangoJelly Rs 49
Choco Lash Rs 85
Chocopeanut Bolt Rs 85
Mango Burst Rs 89
Strawberry Smoothie Rs 89
Iced Kappucino Rs 85

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